Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marching on

Several times while in the US people ask about "our ministry" and I am quick to point out it is where we minister...but it is not ours.  It is God's, and we as a family are just one part of it. 

The work continues in Honduras whether we are there or not.

Oscar sent pictures today of the false ceiling up and installed throughout the TSP (Tegucigalpa Sanctuary Project)  Your donations of $26 per square foot via PayPal keep the work going this way! 

 This is the hallway for the bathrooms...also done in the last few weeks, as all the room divisions were installed from the ground up.  Still work to be done...but great progress.

And you can further see in this closer up picture the work on finishing the dry wall work, as well as the work to cover the columns for a cleaner look for the interior.  (so you do not see the red metal of the columns themselves and instead this dry wall covering.)  Tricky work...but the right thing to do.

Every step brings us closer to being finished!  Your donations keep that work going. 
On a smaller scale...also still working on some of the seeds we bought via the internet....sweet corn, yellow tomatoes, etc.  So good for some of them!  TLC for sure on those!

These are just a few pictures that demonstrate the work continuing.  The latest clothing container was unloaded today...the electrical work to help Channel 15 in Talanga are progressing, prep work for the farm work in Cantaranas is ongoing, as is the work there for the Church building, San Juancito is working to complete their first level of Sunday school rooms, the coffee harvest in Sampedrana is gearing up,the clinic is going strong (minus optometry) and Dora continues to work on sewing herself while we pray about direction for a new class for the sewing ministry to start in 2013. 

Pray for encouragement, strength....and rest for all of us involved in God's ministry!

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