Friday, November 23, 2012

Oscar checking in

No pictures this time, but as I have been in contact with Oscar while in the US, I had to share the letter I just received from him.  I'll edit just a bit, but this is most of it, with his sense of humor present and accounted for as well. 

Here goes:

Well, I just got back from my San Juancito, Cantaranas and Talang tour.  600Lps (~$30) of fuel well spent.

In San Juancito the roof for the Sunday school rooms is almost finished, just a bit of work and materials left for them to do.

In Cantaranas the brothers and sisters continue to work on the Church building, slowly but surely.  Our crazy neighbor to the vegetable farm is doing his part on finishing the holes for the fence.  He would be very happy to sell us the other lots that border our property.  I told him to finish the fence first, then we could talk next year.

In Talanga the new post and electrical lines are all in place and functioning, no more brown outs or voltage drops thanks be to God.  Everything looks much better.  And the angel of the Lord passed over the house and the video console that was burnt as of yesterday is fixed...but he said it would only last us a little while longer.  Also we have four new advertisers programmed this month, as we gave incentives to Jose Luis' sons to find more advertisers.  The ceramic tile we donated is all installed upstairs and looks great as they divide the space into rooms, but we will need another 40 meters worth to finish everything.  Finally they have the bathroom with walls and all the walls up at least for the interior rooms. 

PS, last night we had a trial by fire, we connected the electrical supply to the Church building in Tegucigalpa and fired up the lights for the first time at night with the false ceiling done, and invited everyone that was there for the Church service that night to opine, and everyone said......................Whoa, excelent, so bright!  Everyone was very encouraged, and pastor Jorge as well, to see the false ceiling done and all the lights working...even if three of the lights were not working as we had to move them this week for the false ceiling installation.

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