Friday, November 30, 2012

TSP update

I stopped by this morning for some business, general mission stuff, milk project, Christmas related items, all good meetings, but figured you would not be interested in pictures of us all sitting in Valerie's optometry room (she has that walking problem, remember) just chatting with notepads and such.   
Instead, I figured I would get some good pictures on the continued progress of the Tegucigalpa Sanctuary Project (TSP)

Most of the sanding and working on the dry wall that is already up is done.  There are still a few spots to do, but most of it is done, and looks so good, so much more impressive than the pictures can impart. 

The doors all need to be installed all over the building, but you can see the offices/rooms off the stage are done now.  Other big step up there will be laying the carpet. 
The tile work has begun!  We go from one mess to work around to another....they are cleaning and moving things now to be able to lay the tile, so within a month most of the trash from dry wall and other work should be out of the building.  The tile work is going slow for now with just two men working on the project, but that should increase a bit next week, and they estimate they will be done within a month.  They are being paid by the job not the hour/ I would guess that to be fairly accurate. 

The other step you might also have noticed is the painting.  This is just a base coat of white being put up now, to hide the differences between the coated and non-coated areas.  After that Oscar will mix up his special brew of the Church-requested baby blue color which will be the final coat. 

You can also see the columns are totally covered.  There are still some uncovered in the bathrooms (too tight of an area to get a good picture to share) but those will be done soon. 

The only other dry wall to be done is the second false ceiling...under the offices, and that was just about done when I was there. 

You can see some of the aforementioned "mess"...part of it just trash or leftover prior materials...but a big chunk of it now is related to the tile work itself.  This is just a very small number of the total boxes of tile and bags of prep materials that will be needed over the next several weeks.  Just moving the tile from the container on the clinic property down in the truck to the sanctuary takes a while...that stuff is heavy!

You keep praying (and giving if so lead...the link is as always below) and we will keep working...that light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter!


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