Thursday, November 29, 2012

Channel 15 anniversary

Last night we went out to Talanga for the 2nd anniversary celebration of Channel 15. We got a late start, and driving through the night to get there, we were very pleasantly surprised to see so many people there!
No electrical problems was also good to see.  Just recently we completed the installation of our own transformer on the more using the street located one that was grossly overworked.  Now we get a good strong voltage and with protection installed for blackouts, the strain on the equipment should be much, much less.  We needed the constant breakdowns due to electrical issues were preventing us from getting better equipement for fear of just more expensive damage. 
There are different Churches that have pastors that pay for time during the day for their programs on the station among the other programming the channel provides, some of those Churches and pastors were there, people from our other Churches in San Juancito and Cantaranas were was definitely a full house.
This is just one shot out the main door of some of the people hanging out for lack of a place to sit inside.  It was quite the party no matter where you were. 
There was even a group of women that came from a Church in Tegucigalpa to perform.  Here is a shot of the "older" girls...there were also younger girls in orange that participated as well to different songs.
Note that I am taking this picture from the side door to teh Church...did I mention there were quite a few folks there? 

The service was also broadcast live...of course.

Hard to see it here, but this is a drama in progress from the brothers in San Juancito.  They also sang a song after finishing. 
It really was amazing to see so many people there...just a small portion of the people that the TV station is reaching daily.  So many there sharing about what the station means to them, giving their support, and all of us thanking God for it being here at all!   It is truly more than I can comprehend.
After the service finished, all the pastors and their families, Church leaders and programmers were invited to the parsonage for a good meal of arroz con pollo.   

The parsonage is slowly but surely coming along.  It is hard to see here, but we helped them with materials for them to get 1/4 of the building tiled (started with the living room) and the divisions up for the different rooms...still more to be done, but looking more like a home every day. 

The TV station is in a similar much done, so much being done, but there is still work to do to get it to where we want it to be as a station glorifying God.  Last night was definitely an encouragement to keep pushing forward...not for us, but for Him who sends us.

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