Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Branches are shaking

It is 1:15AM. I should be in bed. There is a big potential day planned.

But instead I am up, following the local news on several different channels with the constant message "diputados se disponen a destituir a cuatro magistrados de la corte suprema de justicia."

This translates basically to that congress members are opting to fire four supreme court justices.

If you think that sounds would be correct.

Especially since these members/justices function much in the same way as in the US...they are supposed to only leave their posts if they resign, or if they die.

So, congress opting to remove them would be...historic.  One branch trying to shake the other out as it were (if they somehow fire four...that would be four out of the total five)

The background is complicated as is always the case in politics it seems, and not something I am going to try to dissect here.  (President wants to clean up police, Court stops him...fears another coup is coming....Supreme Court supposedly in bed with powerful interests...and so on and so on)

The media is inside the congress building, getting congressmen/women to come to the back to give interview after interview...some explaining why this possibility is constitutional, others opining the opposite. Only a few really lamenting that they are not doing more to stem the tide of hunger, poverty, violence, corruption and drug traffic influence.

All the while, mind you, that nothing has been made official, and in all these opinions a few say it is coming, others deny even knowing that this is the plan. It genuinely seems like they are making these decisions and courses of action up as they go along.

Since 10:30PM there have been quite a few (perhaps 50?) military patrolling the building, with some police as well. Under siege? Protecting from...something? Unsure.

What you see on TV is....a bunch of people sitting around. A bunch more chit chatting and seemingly debating amongst themselves....waiting for something that is not exactly clear, and most certainly not defined.

A soccer analyst/game announcer turned "third party" (in fact we have...way more than three) anti-corruption crusader (Salvador Nasralla) has the quote of the late night...."Los delincuentes actúan de noche mientras la gente honrada que trabaja está durmiendo" (The delinquents act at night while the good people that work are asleep")

Speaking of sleep...I am going to try to get some and see how this ends up shaking out in the morning.  It could take hours more before anything happens...but the damage to the country's pscyhe is further being done...and as well this is hitting the news around the world as well.

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