Friday, December 14, 2012

Cantaranas farm update

Farming work is hard. The property in Cantaranas has continued to provide in a limited capacity as we work towards making better. We have had trouble keeping tenants on the property that will watch over things...and some of those when they leave, leave with more than what they came with, which is not the idea. When the property is not under constant care, if something is not nailed down, or harvested at the exact moment it is is gone.


We were working out with our neighbor the legal rights to the road to get to our property, which was finally fixed on Wednesday. We are now thinking about buying the little sliver of property left that belongs to said neighbor (crazy David I call him) to make things easier...and maybe look into a parsonage for Jonathan and his family, so that he could be the one watching over everything, especially as we have some donated funds to really kick things up a notch for long term production.
But all things in their due time. At least we have the property rights to our 21’ wide road at this point, which is big. Right now on the property they are growing some beans and corn. Duh...this is Honduras. But the corn is sweet corn from seed that a group in September brought. Harvest should be soon, and I have personally promised to buy all the crop (did a rough test to see how it would fair, so with a limited planting that will be no more than 40 ears) so when I get them...I’ll let you know how they turn out. There are some plantains growing as well, and a few papaya trees...and that is what we want to nurture and develop more...coconuts, avocados, some warm weather coffee...all tree based, longer term items that will not fluctuate as much in terms of price, and will take longer to develop, but when they do, should produce a variety that can be sold, and some donated as well. 

Trying to walk some of the potential new property involved...a few weeds. We wanted to see exactly how much space it would way to do that without walking it off. It should make for space for the parsonage, a little place to turn around vehicles, and give the parsonage a place for a nursery for plants, maybe some chickens and other special projects as well. 
The Church continues to make progress making their own block and getting the wall slowly up. We were able to give them some funds for more fill material, and for making the blocks the groups that meet throughout the week in homes are taking up offerings and doing special projects to move forward. We are trying to save some money up to be able to help them with the materials for the roof when the time comes, hopefully in 2013 if they keep up this pace.
We might need to see about helping them get a new drum set. This They have not asked or the like, I just took a look at this...well used set...and instantly knew where we would send a donated unit were we to receive one. The sticks even look to have been whittled to get back to the proper form somewhat.
You can definitely tell that whoever plays...loves the high hat and snare drum most of all. 
Also good to see the solar powered audio Bibles that were donated about a year ago are being used, when we stopped by this one was outside charging, to be ready for an upcoming Church service.

The light powering the Light, as it were. 

May God strengthen His work there, Jonathan, Ana, all the leaders and Church body there...unity, joy and sharing the Word all the while doing all this other physical stuff...all to His glory!


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