Thursday, December 20, 2012


I sometimes am very grateful for the stressful construction project we are undergoing.  Good thing since there is another one right behind the current one.  Why grateful if stressful?  Well, it is easy to see progress on something you are physically creating. 

So much of the work being done through His Eyes...that is not the case.  Physical healing in the clinic can be quick in some instances, but long term growth and helping in prevention means instruction, teaching and time.  Spiritual healing there in the clinic also takes major investments in it does in the Churches....Churches where we are also planting long term development in farming, coffee, and the ever slowly growing TV ministry. 

Those are constantly growing and bearing their own fruit...but of course we are sometimes impatient. Not to say that the TSP building has not met with us being impatient as well.  Sometimes we have to look back, remember what all God has done and changed to get us to this point, and forget our perceived timing and wait for God's timing....which, duh, is always better than ours, whether we see it or not. 

All that to share a few more pictures with you of the ongoing work on the TSP since I don't have static pictures like this to show Jonathan helping coordinate home groups in Cantaranas, Alfonso caring for the coffee in Sampedrana, Edwin using clothing to support the small Church in Danli, the person calling Channel 15 in Talanga crying and asking for prayer, Valerie seeing long standing disease in the back of someone's eyes, Laurie helping feed a child with a plate of food and time to teach, or any of the other 20 or more people that work with or for His Eyes on a daily basis.

The color is going up on the walls!  It will need a second coat of course, but it is looking more and more like a finished building. 

As you can also see...the tile work is over half way done as well. 

You do not think about how many doors there are on a building like this until it comes time to go out and buy them!  Quite a few, but those are installed, and more finishing touches are slowly coming. 

Oscar is going on vacation to visit family in Costa Rica and Panama, but the guys will keep working throughout the holiday season (taking a few days off of course) working on things such as bathroom fixture installation, stall doors, finishing the painting, the tile, and some other trim work in the bathroom and other minor, but important locations.  We were hoping to get the carpeting that the Church wants for the upstairs offices and pulpit, but the color they want is not available until next month so that might have to wait.

The official inaugaration date has yet to be set, but we will have plenty of time to get everything done for sure, and if we do not get the carpeting until January that won't be a problem since it will be a fairly quick installation. 

Remember I mentioned we were doing another project right after this one?  We don't have a cost per square foot calculation on the SFC (Second Floor of the Clinic) but given our thrifty nature I would guesstimate we would come in at the same $26 per foot as with the TSP.  We won't be doing the pre-fab route this time, but buying local materials to do something along the same lines, a metal building material for the outside.  The color will very likely be different of course though :-) 

Here you can see Geovany painting some of the future structure of the building with anti-rust paint.  We have a group coming in late January to help us put up part of the SFC, so we need the materials ready to go when they get here, and that takes prep work.  We won't be able economically to put up the whole building at once, so we will just work in pieces and hopefully close everything in when the time is right....when the time is God's.


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