Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brigade #2...Danli

The brigade in Danli went very well yesterday. It has been a while since I have seen so many patients shake hands, give hugs, and other signs of great appreciation for what is being done in their community. I distinctly remember one person who came up to us and told us thank you, and God bless you...and then added with a smile and joyous exhortation “and make sure you come back!”

Two other members of the group shared pictures of some of their most impactful patients. Saying thanks is one thing....but the big hugs and kisses represented in the pictures show the emotions on both sides.


Stories....of a patient that came in, did her VA exam and finding she could not even read the big E, just broke down crying.....of a mother who had a very complex and high prescription (-3.00 -8.00) that had never had glasses and was 29...and with her two daughters that also had high prescriptions....and my favorite the woman with a high prescription that I jokingly told her she needed to wear 24/7,even when sleeping, who responded “that is how I broke my last pair of glasses three years ago!”

The school where we were doing the brigade very helpfully gave up three rooms for us to work, but unlike some other public schools which close at the drop of a hat seemingly....this school continued classes outside under a big tree. That was impressive and encouraging!

And while we were in a fairly large town....all you had to do to be convinced otherwise was walk out the front door of the school and look left.

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