Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brigade #3...Reynel Funez

Today we partnered with Living Hope ministries to put on a brigade almost outside Tegucigalpa proper in a neighborhood where they work, in a large public school there.  In this school we also saw about 50 children that were seen as possibly having eye problems.  Total seen a little over 250 patients. 

Kids are I right?

I just wish we had better glasses to help them see...not ones that remind me of a grandma-style circa 1982. 

I gave out the address and phone number for our clinic quite a bit, not only for the kids with glasses bigger than their faces, but for many that we were able to help but really needed long term better solutions. 

I met a woman who was over -5.00 -4.50 OU who had never worn glasses and whose chief complaint when I asked again (after reading it and not believing) was help for reading.  She thought she saw well at distance. 

After trying some glasses that got her pretty close to what she needed....she decided there was more to see out there than she had previously thought. 

Amen to that.

The local ministry had a group of men that specifically were there to meet and pray individually with every patient, so they created a special area for that before the patients came into the dispensary. 

In addition to the prayer provided by the group and the men from the Church, it was also good to see people using the tracts (Christian literature) that we had with us to test their near vision for more than just a test.  This gentleman was engrossed reading more about "Why would a King die in my place?" 

The physical aspect of the work is indeed important, but as we have often is temporary, but Christ's love is eternal.  May we never forget that....especially when giving advice to so many that come to us with sometimes life long questions to which they have never received answers or seen anyone that really cares.  Sometimes those answers are not always what we want to hear.

We had a little girl that was repeatedly told by their doctor was just faking and to quit wasting their time.  Likely she will never see from that eye again.  As a parent, getting this news is huge.  What struck me most was in light of this extremely sorrow producing news, her thankfulness that we would stop, really look, and talk to her about what was going on, what could be...what won't, and what to do.  We tell her that sight in that eye is likely gone forever...and she left repeatedly thanking us.  That is mind blowing.

On a lighter note...I was briefly in the ret room today, talking to someone about a difficult patient, when the intrigue displayed (for over a minute) by this little boy that I was seeing out of the corner of my eye just amused me so much I finally stopped and snagged this picture.  He was not scared...but definitely interested!


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