Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brigade #4...Lepaterique

The kids are off from school three days this week for what is documented on the official calendar as "spring vacation."  That we do not have spring here, and that it is February is somehow not addressed.  This means that Cecilia was able to go with us today to help a bit with the brigade, especially in Oscar's abscence, as he had to stay back today to make sure the clothing container finally got unloaded after all the red tape with the government finally got rectified. 

We "only" saw 100 patients today.  A lower number figure than the other days this week, and less than we have seen in the past in Lepaterique, but still saw many people with some big needs.  This grandmother was in her mid sixties and had never had an eye exam prior.  Her three year old grandson was with her...very patient, curious, and quiet. 

We saw some disease and in general big problems today as well, such as this gentleman who is undergoing some infectousness and pain in general for almost two years.     

The group really has come together so well and working together to help as much as possible the people they have been meeting.  All to God's glory.

We even saw a little seven year old girl with such severe allergies that the inflammation almost appeared at first glance to be something else. She has been dealing with this for three years without anyone able to provide her any relief.  We also referred her back to the clinic in a month to see how she is progressing and update her treatment. 

 What a great mural for a great group picture!

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