Monday, March 18, 2013


2013 is bringing so many decisions that need to be made...most of them potentially good ones (potentially also means I could screw them up), but a few tough, a few not so fun.  Nothing new...just more this year than in the past, and I was not anticipating this as the year began.  I readily admit this is good for my prayer life as I quite quickly confess I am by no means feeling up to the task. 

It is lonely at the top. 

I understand that expression so well.  We have a board of directors for the mission that supports and oversees things here, and they are invaluable in so many ways...especially making sure we do not burn ourselves out even more than we otherwise probably would.  And of course our staff is instrumental in absolutely everything in the mission.  But ultimately the buck stops somewhere, and even if I would like it to be otherwise, I am the guy told to make the calls when decisions have to be made, directions forged or changed, staffing changes, construction purchases, etc. quite often.  Thus the constant need for prayer. 

Say...this would be a good time to say a prayer right now if you would on the mission's behalf and my personal behalf in that regard. 

I am not trying to complain, but realize it could seem that, I am just trying to ask for prayer in the light of such a need for wisdom, direction, and guidance and recognizing my feebleness in all this.  I know God has gotten the mission to where it is, but for sure do not want these decisions to be messed up (that would be where my mind would normally enter), and so with more being done all the time...all the more prayers that need to be sent up...that God would continue to get all the glory.

Prayers for Honduras as well.  The economic and political situations here are not exactly peachy keen.  This is not exactly breaking news, but with an election coming up later this year that is at this point a toss up...and neither of the sides of the coin exactly encouraging, especially if the up and coming socialist/communist party gets in, the battling of the different branches of government as of late, the inability to pay bills inside and out of the country (teachers, doctors, road construction and so on) and now the latest proposal to tax all food items at the 12% sales tax rate...a hit to be sure for everyone, but most of all for those who can least afford it. 

Did I mention we walk by faith, not by sight?  :-)

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