Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tres fotos

Here we go again, not on purpose, but go figure...three random pictures joined together for one post. 
We know some missionaries that have been working for a few years North of us in a rural area.  They are leaving for the US in about a month.   They are wanting to sell their home and property, we are trying to see if we might be able to coordinate donations to take over their work, we went with Gender to see if this might be an area where he could be utilized, not only for farming (there are three different farms there, totalling something over 30 acres...a little with coffee as you can see in the picture) but after such a hard year, where a Church might be planted.  This is no small step.  For farming the area seems perfect, and the initial work the missionary couple has done is very impressive in terms of getting buildings built, fences up, and already doing quite a bit of planting and cultivating (harvesting carrots, onions, peppers, etc.)   This is a long, developing story, just wanted to give everyone a heads up and ask for prayer as we seek how we might proceed out there and try to coordinate it all.  It is kind of a scary but very promising possibility for even greater Kingdom work. 
Many people ask how Valerie is doing with her recovery after surgery.  Physically she is coping very well, even thinking about going into work just a few hours a few days next week to test it out and see if she is up for it.  The cast/splint will come off in another week or so, and then the real 'no pain no gain' will come with PT and gradually trying to walk and not depend on her crutches and stude-scooter. 
What I continual to marvel at even more though is how she is always working, even when prostrate.  I may be doing accounting, emailing, or other computer work, and she is supposed to be resting.  But she gets and makes phone calls out the wazoo...about clinic matters, counseling friends and clinic visitors over the phone, dealing with diseases, schooling issues, just touching base, people stopping by to see her....her desire to check 2012 to see how much we had to spend on medicines, or water (we are thinking about drilling a well on the property...a gamble but could be cost effective in a few years or less if it works) and the on the list goes.  She may be on the floor or in bed wtih her feet up...but she is not letting that stop her by any stretch. 
Many of you know I have been undergoing laser treatments here for quite some time, to try to avoid having to shave my head (and face) in the long term.  Recently after poor results with the so-called painless laser, they talked me into trying the other laser, which is stronger but hurts more (but not can just smell your flesh burning like BBQ, but no big deal, right?)  I have done two treatments on that laser and am already seeing a big difference on my head.  I let it grow out for a few days to see really how well it was doing.  The new laser shoots in a circular pattern...which you can see in the spots where the hair is not growing in as much now.  The hair on my face is lighter colored, so it will take a little longer yet for that to kick in this much.  But at least the progress is being seen quickly now....or rather, in what is not being seen.

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