Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Milk Project move?

Most days I am doing well to keep my head above the proverbial water...trying to keep the plates all spinning as it were....how are we going to move forward in Cantaranas with the vegetable farming?  How can we help the Church more with their building construction and encouraging the body there to keep moving forward (helping them buy 1500 concrete blocks that they will find the mortar and sweat to put up this week).....I could go on by the tune of another three Churches, the TSP, SFC, and more...you get the idea....so many projects, so much to do for the Kingdom....so little time and resources (people and money mostly.)

We are looking down the road though and seeing that the milk project needs a new home as of 2014, presuming we finish the SFC, as we would then move on to the mission house remodel/expansion that we have been planning for several years now. 

Not only that...but how do we use the roots of that humble program that Laurie Matherne has helped reach terrific new heights for several years now, and do even more?  More that would necesitate square footage and full time staff...probably more than one person!  More time (something eight hours a day...food, homework help, daycare, counseling?)....more space (classrooms?  kitchen?...etc.)....more investment to invest in the children in our general area.

We are praying right now, seeking His guidance for sure above all things as to what to do and how to do it. 

Case in point...if we have to go off campus, where?  The picture above is a large lot that was previously used for a hardware store, just across the road from the Church's soccer field.  It is really three lots worth of property, all on the same level...we think we could get it for roughly $15,000.

What to do...how will God provide the funding, if this is the route we should go?  Of course after buying property there would be all the construction needed.

2014 is not exactly close yet...but we need to be planning now if something is going to actually happen.

Join us in prayer as to the where, the how, the when, that the Holy Spirit would instruct us and guide us as to what we as a mission, and individuals, are to do in this regard!



Kimberly Strunk said...

I did not know that you all are planning to expand the Milk project! That is so exciting! I will be in specific prayer for this!

Felipe Colby said...

Yeah, we are not sure at all how God is going to bring it all about...we may have to figure out an intermediary step for a while before we can move out to a new construction, but praying for His direction for sure! Thanks for the prayer...so much the better for His guidance over it all.