Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Three pictures

Three pictures for three stories this week.
First up....a new view of the interior of the TSP.  The tiling is all done now...Jorge in the picture is starting to sweep up everything from all that work.  The polish of the concrete is done, some touch up paint from the grout splatter and finishing painting of the bathrooms are soon to follow.  Toilets are all installed, hand sinks to go in this week, and final painting there.  Window trimming is done as well.  The stairs still need to be better fortified, an extra cost we were not planning on, but to do it right and be good for the long term it needs to be done.  Now if the paperwork on the deed for His Eyes' property would come through...we could start talking about an inaugaration date!  We still need the carpeting for the offices and stage, the specific color they wanted should be in later this week.  If you want to make a donation to this end....that will be one of the last big expenses we need to cover. 
The $26 per square foot....these are the last hundred or so feet!   

Picture two....the Mormon temple is now open for business.   Oscar was telling me that they were giving tours, so we went over for what we thought would be a five minute walk around, only to find ourselves guided very carefully and with tons of security through a mandatory video presentation and then a tour that got us in to see just a very small portion of whatever else is on the inside of that very impressive building.  The baptismal room was one room that we did get to see on the occured to me looking at all invested there monetarily that just in that room they had spent more than we did in the entire TSP.  The building was pristine (everyone getting the tour got booties on their shoes to keep the bright white carpets inside protected), and I kept thinking of the line from Jurassic Park "we spared no expense" when looking at every fixture, wood piece, etc.  Amazing...and sad at the same time knowing the truth behind the facade. 

And number 3!  We had two sisters that were here with a group last spring who asked us if they could come for a week and just work around the clinic campus wherever they could.  Uh...let me think about that for a seco.....yes!  So they are helping ramp up planting efforts, weeding, taking better care of the trees and plants we do have, helping in the milk project, making Hill Climber chocolate, and several other projects with Jana this week. 

It is encouraging not only in the work they are busting out while here...but just that they would be so moved to come back and help in this way!  To God be the glory in their lives and the work they are doing!

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