Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Patience Prudence

There are many lives which require patience to see fruit born.  In many ways the work here requires such patience. 

Some ways are just funny.  This picture is just amazing in that I was there to take it.

Graciela was there at the clinic with her son.  She lives in a daily dire economic state, and weekly we have someone that donates some money to give her a few hours work a few days.  She had just finished working several hours in the ditch outside the clinic, cleaning out the trash that is constantly thrown in the street that finds its way into the ditch...said trash grows during the dry season to the point it must be cleaned well before the rains come. 

The funny part was her son, watching and probably helping her a little bit, got something to eat and right in front of mom and Valerie threw his wrapper straight into the garden instead of the trash can right next to where they were all three standing.  Valerie immediately pointed out the folly and sent him to find his trash and to put it where it belonged.  Graciela laughed.  I have not followed her around to see where she throws her personal trash, but I do remember her last year learning the lesson when she saw for herself just how much trash was in that ditch. 

Teaching to overcome such cultural norms as just throwing your trash wherever you feel like it, or preventative medical technics, hygiene, financial responsibility, spiritual maturity, etc....that is not easy stuff.  Overall we know that despite funny SMH moments like above, fruit has been and is being born.  It just takes a  month, or months, or a year...or years

Patience Prudence, instructively guiding, my father used to tell me...repeatedly over the years.

When sewing seeds, even with your own children, sometimes you are not sure what fruit the tree will bear.  Having patience as they find their own way is an interesting experience.

Valerie checking Soren's homework found this...his answer to "How much do you love God?"  which was a rhetorical question with no space for an answer was written below to say "100000000000000 infinite"
Patience Prudence....patience. 



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Laurie Matherne said...

I need patience with her too. Her self esteem is practically nil. She has not the confidence to get water for herself in the clinic nor at our building. That means I have to bring her water at my door. No amount of cajoling her works. Sometimes, literally, when my hands are full, I have to ask her to get her own water. She won't. She won't look me in the eye or acknowledge my words of assurance. Patience? Right.