Saturday, April 27, 2013

SFC update

After the group left, we kept the guys working long enough to get the roof done on the SFC (Second Floor of the Clinic.)  That we were able to do that....get the roof up, especially with the great looking insulation/false ceiling that when you are looking up at it quite convincingly looks like wood, is thanks to the faithful folks at Hazel Dell Christian Church, which after their trip here in January made possible a grant to the "SFC foundation."  Pun intended....thanks intended even more.

That is encouraging news.  Also encouraging is that the temperature change in the first floor is already being felt, even with the walls incomplete.

We also had the guys finish the one end of the building on the wall where we knew no windows would be required in the future (not much light on that side of the building anytime of the year anyway to come right through the windows, and makes that most hidden part of the building a bit windows on the first floor there either.)

Making the cuts and such to meet the roof is tricky work, thus why we could not wait for groups to come to do that triangle bit.

We are prayerful that the next group will help us finish the walls, spare the other triangle to meet the roof...we might end up putting some windows over there, not sure yet. 

There is not a price per square foot on this building project, and while the donate button is always on the blog, we are not specifically pushing on this building.  Why not?  Well, we have been pushing for the TSP for so long it seemed wise to back off a bit and give everyone a rest.  The donate button is on the blog as always, but we are trying to wait for spontaneous donations to cover specific costs, like Hazel Dell donating to the roof, and using groups for as much else as possible.  There will be things to come soon to cover that groups will not be able to do...some more safety welding for improved structural rigidity, and then of course the wiring, as much as we can do at a time anyway.  One day at a time!


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chobird said...

Incredible. Very nice description of the indescribable work of God at His Eyes!