Friday, April 26, 2013

TSP...home stretch, for the construction at any rate

It has been a while since we have updated the TSP, so I went down to get some pictures yesterday. 
The carpet is finally being installed...we took a break while finishing the SFC roof after the group left (more on that in a future post)

Whether you like the color combinations or not...that was the Church's decision, we just followed through on what they desired. 

I would have preferred the fake hard wood floor myself, but such is life.

The floor is dirty...when the tile is all cleaned, it will look great.

Not sure how clear the pictures are, but the door frames are all painted red, just so you are sure. 

This shot is looking in to one of the office spaces on the second floor. 

The carpeting is almost done in all three, just the hallway left to do, and then we want to fix the stair system we originally put in with something more sturdy for the metal structure of each individual step.

The bathrooms are just about done as well. 

The frames here for the doors are also painted red, but they wanted a blue color for the walls. 

There are four total bathrooms...three standard with sinks, the one on the far right is a bit bigger, with a shower stall included as well.

Hard to tell from the pictures, especially with some of the protective film still on them, but the doors look really great with some donated formica we got from the US...a very nice wood grain to them. 

We are in the home stretch.  Just the speaker supports left for us to do, and then when everything is ready to inaugurate...install the main doors to the building and we would be officially done. 

But the inauguration depends on when the paperwork gets done, and the lawyer tells us it could be a few months yet. 

The bull might be here and eating well getting ready to serve as the anniversary meal in June...but the inauguration will probably be a little later than that. 


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