Friday, July 12, 2013

Construction update

I asked Jana to take some pictures of just some of the progress the groups this summer have brought in terms of construction.  I thought you might want to take a look as well.  Some of these pictures will be up on the His Eyes page on Facebook as well.
The basic exterior work on the SFC is now done!  Valerie says it looks like the clinic now has a big barn on top of it.  The windows will be coming in future months which will hopefully break up the barn look.  Also coming are the gutters which will channel the water coming in this rainy season to a cistern that will fill quickly when it does in fact rain.  Groups will be now continuing to help on the interior walls...which...will take a while. 
Also though, in the mix has been some other important smoothing out the area in front of the clinic and adding an important retaining wall next to the green container.  Eventually we will try to make more of this firm plans yet as to how that will all look.  Hmmmm.
The "sidewalk" next to the green container is to keep things on the level, and create two levels from our previously sloping area.  We figure this area can eventually be a nice relaxing area with some shade, maybe some benches or tables for outside relaxing, time will tell.

And we have a few areas of the driveway that was not originally poured correctly...right of picture is the improved section, lower left shows what it looked like before (and thus, some future projects left to do.) 
More to come to be sure, so much more that is being done that is not so readily seen as well! 


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