Saturday, July 13, 2013

Camp Allendale Update

Camp continues to go well.  It is a stretching exercise in some ways sometimes, but it is certainly relaxing/different sort of work.  It feels good to share about what God is doing in Honduras through His Eyes, also being able to impact the campers in terms of opening their eyes to the way life is for most of the world, and how they can be a difference locally and far, far away.

Without further ado, a picture tour of sorts:

We have been selling quite a bit of chocolate (sold out actually), bracelets and coffee at the end of camp rally each week.  We have not been really promoting it much, but it still provides quite a flurry of activity. 

Cecilia looks bored here, but that was just the look captured by the camera, she actually enjoys helping out, and getting to interact even more with the campers...not that she does not get opportunities to do that all throughout the week!

Running at camp has been good for me personally, giving me a great reason to get up early every morning and get some exercise before the day starts.  It also affords me the opportunity to see the beautiful sunrises not normally available where we live in Honduras. 

Running on a highway is interesting sometimes...fog is interesting sometimes as well. 


Soren has had lots of fun mastering four square, ga ga ball, and playing with Parker, who lives full time at Camp.  They are now experts at...whatever it is they are doing in the sand box. 

The final rallies every week are always so see God transforming and changing lives for Him, it is such a reminder of why we are all really there.  Just yesterday there were more than 10 baptisms, and several campers received the Lord in their hearts!

We just finished week six...there are three more weeks of opportunity to go!

Camp food is great...especially at the price. 

It is also sometimes interesting to see what we get to eat!  I had never had a pancake coated sausage before for breakfast.  No syrup even needed!

(I had never had Trix yogurt before either.  Bananas...I have tried once or twice before.)

We have also been able to visit some of our supporting Churches on Sundays before having to be back to camp, which is kind of hard on the kids...especially meeting people that know them but that they don't remember...but they handle it well. 

For us it just feels great to get to see so many friends, supporters, and to make new acquaintances for possible future ministry.  God makes it all work out!

Valerie talking to some of the kids about some of her most interesting clinical work....the worm that came out of a nine year old girl's eye. 

There are quite a few pictures in our presentations that elicit quite a few funny looks, squirms, and "eewwws!" 

Not that we did it on purpose, but it certainly does grab their attention which otherwise could wane given that we have 1/2 hour to an hour to share.  Some of their questions are....great, insightful, and/or...hilarious or repetitive (especially related to bathrooms, worms, and dogs.)

Weather at camp has been so far absolutely wonderful.  We could not have asked for more...a big change here in 2013 versus the summer of 2012 in Indiana.

There have even been a few days where I thought it was just about perfect....but Valerie struggled with feeling cold and not having enough layers all day.   

More to come for sure as we try to finish strong August 2nd...three more big weeks at camp to minister and raise more funds (right now raising the money needed for the SFC tile floor to be done later this year.)  Praying we have the energy and outgoingness to keep going, and to be aware of the opportunities that God is giving us for ministry while we are here, and those opportunities to help the ministry in Honduras as well. 

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