Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Las Botijas update

Oscar updated me with a few pictures of the physical work going on in Las Botijas.  We won't be focusing spiritually on starting a Church body probably until 2014, but the testimony of those living there and working is already being seen. 
But, we are making progress with the physical, in the coffee nursery (not as far as we would like, but so be it) and some of the other farming that is going on while we wait for the coffee to develop.
Such as?

Oscar is putting personal money into the idea of a tilapia farm. 

It is not finished, as you can see, but the idea is that when it is finished it could hold up to 1000 fish.  It could be another great way to farm...it may not work.  We shall see.

Corn is the cheapest way to keep the weeds down and get some production. 

As we clear more land, while we wait for coffee to be able to be planted there (and even then...for a while we could grow corn around it) it makes for good use of the ground for those that are there working and trying to generate something. 

Oscar is not happy with one of our oxen. 

I will put it in his own, ever so eloquent, words:

"This criminal almost killed his brother, the black ox, and is now tied up!  He gored his brother in the leg and he lost quite a bit of blood, to the point that the neighbors thought he was a goner, but thanks be to God he made it through just fine.  We will try to get them to work together again...but we may have to sell the big bully and trade that for two younger oxen that can get along and not be fighters."

We have had some seeds donated over the past several months....meet one of our few actual producers:  zucchini.  Oscar was not real familiar with it, but it looks great!

Lots of trees left to clear, but the time will come for that...especially when we need the lumber!

Beautiful places, lots to do already, and more to come in the future!

May God guide us in using this valuable land for His purposes, and prepare the spiritual ground for the greater work to come!

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