Sunday, September 29, 2013

Talanga and Sampedrana news

Call this news and prayer requests:

This picture does not look like much, but the brothers and sisters in the Talanga Church worked to get 20 bags of cement as they continue to try to improve the building God provided through World Mission Builders.  They finished the stucco, made the improvements to the stage (see below) and now have 20 bags of cement to try to keep the work going on tile for the seating area.  Seeing them push forward and just need materials to keep going spurred us as a mission to help them by chipping in 50 square meters worth of tile....expensive, but worth it, and hopefully that will get them 1/3 to 1/2 of the way done. 

You can also see here the stage progress, including more help with the sound in the form of some very big speakers, which seem to be as much of a societal necessity here as a tile floor to consider a Church's building well equipped.

Be in prayer for the Church in Talanga, for pastor Jose Luis who is struggling a bit right now, and for the Church's continued growth and outreach into the Talanga area, as well as praying for the TV station there, Channel 15, as we work to making that a better and better spiritual ministry while at the same time trying to make it self sustaining as an enterprise. 

The Church in Sampedrana is struggling...we have been struggling to find a pastor for the Church for quite some time now, and it is showing in the body.

Oscar is on his way back today (Sunday) from taking Henry (in the middle next to his brother Carlos) and his family there to see if God is calling them to accept the pastorship there.  We certainly pray to that end, as finding a qualified, good pastor has been extremely difficult for us.   

Also pray for Sampedrana as many people are stuck without a way to get down the hill right now with the rain they have been getting...quantity in terms of number of days per week as well as inches per rain...many roads are washed out and even some of the big culverts we (and even bigger the community through the mayor's office) put in have been uprooted because of this.


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