Sunday, September 29, 2013

See the future

Two things coming up here that require future vision.

The first is that we are moving forward on the second floor of the clinic...tile selection is the next phase to get the guys we will hire to get started.  Of the cheapest tile we could find....we had three gray choices to try to combine with the first floor, not that anyone would notice that much. 

Still working on buying property for the future children's ministry (yet to be named...the expansion of the milk project into full time ministry) You can see the SFC in the background...ideally we would be able to buy both properties on the corner here, we are praying and have shared this need with two Churches, we will see what God brings together.  We need to move fairly quick on this, especially the property on the corner before the owner leaves for work for six months or more. 

So much of where God has us requires faith and seeing beyond what you can physically see.  I really do not know how that works sometimes, and we are certainly not masters of it, as already I can see that I did not see what God had in store to get everything where it is now, let alone what the future will bring, but it is exciting to get to see, like stitches in a patchwork, one piece come together time after time.    

The starting coffee work in Las Botijas...will we find a pastor and farm administrator to take over there in 2014? 

What will the farm work need to look like in Cantaranas?

What about the clinic...what do we need to build and how do we need to plan for the next five years, for the ideas about expanded service...but could that include even inpatient surgery? 

What about more storage, for food when we get it to distribute?  For supplies? 

How should we answer the spiritual attacks on the Church in San Juancito?

How can we best administer the funds recently donated to help the Church building plan in Cantaranas?

I will not even get started on the personal areas of ministry and family life that bring up short term and long term questions.

All that to say...we look forward in anticipation, and behind in admiration....for what God will do and what He has done.  We do not walk alone, we do not work alone, and while we may be full of questions...God has the only answers that really matter. 


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Trisha said...

Your needs are many and you have so many valid questions ... but one thing I have learned after only two visits there is that God is clearly at work. Your ministries are a blessing to so many. Prayers for guidance as God reveals His answers.