Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ok 132 and Talanga, cover is code three

We went to Talanga to check in on the Church, to talk business about Channel 15, to see how Jose Luis is doing...and more, but what we did not expect was to be holding a bullet in our hands and see the hole in the wall where it came through and into a dresser. 

Jose Luis had been getting extortion phone calls a few weeks back, had to change his number, and then Tuesday night when they were sitting getting ready to watch the big World Cup qualifier game...someone shot into the house, looks to be from the vacant lot next door that has some overgrown weeds in which to hide.

So now we get to figure out how to equip a pastor with a gun to protect himself and his family.  Not something I relish for sure.  Thankfully the bullet came through and just hit the dresser and did not kill someone!

Thanks to a very generous recent Church group (I am talking about you Journey!) we had some funds to help the Church with some tile for the floor.  They raised the money for the cement, the sand, and are getting the labor all done, all they needed for the push was the tile itself.  It is looking great, and great to see the Church taking more and more ownership over its present and future!

You can also see that the clothing ministry is alive and well there, there are different ways to do the clothing sales, and in this case they are using the sanctuary for lack of a dedicated "store." 

And for some reason the new floor has a motorcycle parked on it.  Hmmmm, extra weight compressing the tile?  I am guessing it is more about safe keeping, and that tile had been laid a while ago....they laid the tile almost as fast as we could buy it!

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