Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Battle rages

Those that follow His Eyes on Facebook saw that Sunday we had a scare, as Jose Luis (pastor in Talanga) was assaulted.  His vehicle crashed before he was assaulted by some bad guys. 

Oscar went out to visit him today, he is back at home (lives in the parsonage above the TV station on the Church property) but took quite a beating, has several cracked ribs, and took a licking to his legs as well. 

His truck is in bad shape as well.  He does not have the money to fix it, we will have to see if God provides another way to get that fixed, because it is not in the mission budget to be helping with that now for sure.

Jose Luis believes this is a spiritual battle...that the devil is upset with what the Church is doing there in Talanga. 

Remember, he was shot at in October (hit the dresser in his house, while he and his son sat on the bed very close)...this after three days of fasting by the Church.  The man that did it came later and asked for forgiveness...that he was drunk and was just trying to scare him.

There was also a neighbor that did not want the Church there, but after an electrical fire in his home...that obstacle has been removed. 

They have also made even more progress in a month working on the you can see the outside of the building has been painted, looks great.


And the tile work being done inside spilled outside as well, filling in more concrete for the entryway. 

Keep in mind, other than our involvement buying the tile for the interior work, all the rest of this has been done by Jose Luis and the members of the Church on their own! 

We continue to pray that God would restore Jose Luis physically, as well as spiritually lift him up and keep him working for the congregation and for His Kingdom work! 


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