Thursday, December 12, 2013

More SFC work

We had our last group in October, starting the biggest short term group year of our existence in 2014, but in the meantime, do not think the work stops.  In fact, it is just as crazy around here right now if not more so trying to get everything that needs to get done before the groups start coming again. 
We are always behind it seems in what we have eyes to see needing done, but not having the hands or time to get it all done in the timing we would prefer.  Something for prayer for sure there, either for God to limit us, mercifully, or help us have the right number of hands. 

So, one of the many things hopping right now is making some "big" progress on the SFC (Second Floor of the Clinic)

Outside that means moving the containers that sit next to the clinic.  They need to be reversed so that the doors open to the rear of the clinic, which will be safer and when both are moved actually give the clinic two storage areas instead of the one it is limited to at the moment, and be properly seated on concrete pads that the guys poured back in October/November.  We had to wait this long to move the first container until the rains stopped so the crane could make it up to the clinic (or at least stop is gently raining right now as I write this...very unusual for us in December!)

As you can perhaps imagine....getting the crane to move the first container in midst of the clinic was...tricky. 

Watching a container dance in the air with two guys gently pushing and pulling it to make the turn and everything without hitting the clinic was quite...scary at times.  The only casualty in the end was one of our banana trees.

Now we have to move the green container to be at the exact same height, and square with the red container.  Digging on that side to get the concrete forms poured would have taken weeks by hand, so the backhoe was called into service....and there are some major sized rocks to deal with as well (what else is new?) 

The idea is that while the clinic will have access to the containers, we will join the two together under a roof for a garage/storage (less pilfering and damage done to at least two staff vehicles), and be able to use the tops as access to the SFC, and perhaps in the future even use it for expansion...thus the other reason for moving the containers and doing it right the first time, so we can go much higher and complicated than just seating a couple containers. 
As you can see from this picture...we do not currently have enough supplies to need a second container space.  We are planning for the future here.  It was interesting to see when we emptied the container how little there really was inside.  We really need to figure out as a mission how to get more donations down from the US, or the cash to be able to buy them here, and especially for pricing to be able to buy in bulk, as that could save us thousands of dollars every year. 

So, the first container is in position....for the most part.  There are a few modifications still needing to be made to how it sits with the concrete pads and land right next to it (, but for the most part it went well, and we were able to get everything back inside, and with some persuasion...the doors closed again. 

But on anything of this magnitude, we expected "little" inconveniences like this. 

While we were doing this (last Saturday...wanted no civilians that could be squished) we also took the opportunity to have Jorge come in and weld some support where the hole will be cut to accommodate the stairwell that will be what everyone coming to the clinic will use to get to the second floor where dentistry and optometry will be located, among other future things. 

As always, I am very happy to report that your donations and prayers keep all this going...we could not continue to do all this without you!  We are putting the majority of the SFC construction onto groups...but as you can see, there are some things we can just not have groups help us do.  Unless they drive down with their own crane and backhoe.  Hmmmm, interesting thought!

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