Friday, January 17, 2014

Group trip to Sampedrana

We took the group up to Sampedrana this week to stay the night and get some work done on the second floor of the mission house, it is time to re-seal the wood and get back soon to then put a fresh coat of stain. Of course...that meant some creative use of ladders and scaffolding to get it all done, and the group did very well...we even got two full coats on before we had to head back to Tegucigalpa. 

Being in the height of the coffee harvest meant we did not see that many people during the day...but there still was a men's meeting that night, and it was good to see Henry adapting well there in his pastoral role. 

Seen here is Henry with his family (minus baby Caleb who was was Caleb we were praying for in November that was very ill, he is doing great now!)

His wife cooked for the group...she did fantastic!  They are so gifted with hospitality.  Henry also shared his life story with the God has taken such a more than turbulent early life and turned that into a life honoring Him...let's just say you had to be here.

We have a new stairwell to the second floor that Oscar and our welder friend Teto put in right before the new year...much easier and safer to access than before...and apparently it makes for good scaffolding support as well.

We could not get up to the main Hill Climber coffee property, but we did get to visit the 1.5 acre farm just down from the Church, it was great to see the progress there, especially since this Church's youth group planted 1000 more plants here last July.

Pictures just really do not do it justice.

However this picture does do justice to the short walk required to get to the property, which is just across this river. 

Access is easier when it is not raining for the river to rise!
And what trip would be complete without some strange dangerous duty?  It was a good thing we went when we did...we found this tree was rotted at its base, we were able to take it down...creatively...quite easily in the end it was so rotted.  Otherwise it very likely could have come down on the house in the very near future. 

We continue to pray that the Church would mature, that Henry would be able to train more men there for preaching and teaching, including finding a new long term pastor to replace him in a few years.  So far, just a few months into his tenure there, things are looking up, with attendance over 60 ever week.  To God be the glory!

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