Monday, January 20, 2014

Cantaranas construction progress

We stopped by Cantaranas on Thursday to do a bit of food distribution with the Church there...continually encouraging to see so many people want to help with that when we get there (I had three volunteers from the Church that went with me)...they even had a list much longer of people they want to visit than we could do as a group...when we leave they keep going with the extra rice we were able to leave them.
We also got to see the new construction progress. 

The floor is done (rustic/rough shape a bit for the future when they will undoubtedly want to add ceramic tile to the floor) and all the lights are installed...including some odd lights we had received as a donation but did not know where we would place them....they look like they were made for the stage here...more for a great look than for great illumination. 
With the floor done...more chairs will be needed soon enough!
Bathrooms are done outside as will be doing some more ditch work to keep rain from coming inside the building, and then hoping we can get some Sunday school rooms out of the deal as well, perhaps even some of the wall that the property will need.  The Church has done really well getting volunteer labor organized, and quickly, to get things done as soon as they can.    

Can you tell it was "cold" this week?


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