Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wrecked but whole

Let's talk vehicles for a second, shall we?  Perhaps I communicate better than I think I do how essentially important the trucks we have are to the work we do, but I doubt it.

The 2012 Ford we raised money to purchase last year is soon on its way here after some of the repairs it needed were completed in the US finally.  However...with snowpocolypse storms abounding in the South, not many are eager to tow the truck from Indiana to Miami where it will ship. 

In the mean time, the 2000 parts truck we bought did arrive in a Master Provisions container....a smoother transaction we could not have asked, as we had no problems at all with customs with it being wrecked (legally no vehicle that will be registered can be imported over ten years old...we were warned this would be a problem....maybe they got a good look at it.)  Already we are using some of the parts off this truck, which we bought mostly for the engine and transmission which is just like the two Fords we have and worth by themselves more than we paid for the truck, but the pieces we are scavenging first are all the little but crucial other pieces.  By the way, we got the engine started once it got codes, even runs better than the Blue Ford!

Valerie has been very hard at work in her administrative role in the clinic, trying to improve things with a policy and procedures manual, an employee handbook, new contracts...and so much more. 

Most of this she has to do in the evenings.  Occasionally I get to go to the "office" for meetings as well to talk things over, give some direction, etc.  If you cannot tell...our office is her exam room, and my seat is the patient exam chair.  It never has seemed odd to me since we have done this for so long.

She really needs, desires, prays for, and dreams about getting another optometrist to come down to help take more of the daily patient load.  All in God's timing, which we trust...but boy, any day now would be good!

Construction progress on the SFC will need to halt other than essential work (Carlos doing some electrical work) before groups come to move things forward...we just do not have the funds, running in the red on this project in the last month. 

The concrete is ready to house the green container...not sure when that will get moved, probably in March when the next team (a men's construction group) will help with more of the work up there.  We are hoping that we can get a backhoe to move this container cheaper than using a crane, saving some money there...and that the group will be able to get quite a bit done in the three days they will be working up there. 

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Kourtney Heard said...

Getting a truck up and running isn't easy to do and it's gonna take time and money. Sometimes you land a good one that will do even better than what you have right now. Getting a business going well also takes time, and it's a huge investment that will pay off with lots of hard work.