Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hop hop hop

I am behind, I know.  We have been hopping around quite a bit as of late.

We had a medical group from Bring Good News Intl. here January 31st through February 8th.  That kept us hopping...those are so great to host (we keep talking about how to do them better, to more effect for the Kingdom and to really help people...a constantly shifting work in progress), but also require even more of our time than normal groups...if you can believe that. 

I stepped back a bit with this group...trying to do that more in a wise way than I have in the past.  Translating for the patients (as Jana so wonderfully is doing here, in prayer) is a powerful experience, but certainly can be draining as well.  My role was to translate in the pharmacy, which is definitely more low key. 

Low key worked well this time, as Darwin and his wife Sandra helped see patients all week.  German "helping" his dad or mom at eight months old does not work so well. 

I was more flexible, and apparently amiable, and so German got to sit with me a good bit of time in those four days of brigades. 

So much time we spent together...that the first time I saw a dog without being with German I found myself saying "look...bow wow!" 

It was a great week.  Credit can only go to God...that is not false humility, it is reality. 

So that's it, right?  Groups give us such flexibility, whether they know it or not...or whether they always appreciate it or not (not perhaps appreciating it so much when it means less space in the bed of the trucks for them to stretch out.)

What do I mean?  Well, one day we were able to move pews from Talanga that were extra and they were not going to need, and another day take them with us to Sampedrana where they were with much love received.  Doing that without the group here would have been difficult at best. 

On the way back from Sampedrana we were able to get some much needed fertilizers, and a coffee pulper to take back to Gender for Las Botijas. 

It also means I get some time to see how things are going with the different Churches, the pastors, etc.  Here is a screen shot that shows the green screen working well for Channel 15 in Talanga...very well in fact, looking very professional. 

There was some computer work needing done when we got there, but having a spare computer there now makes that not as much of an emergency as before.  With the group here...I was able to get that into the shop and back to pastor Jose Luis in just a few days. 

Here is Jose Luis trying to use his truck (which Oscar helped him get fixed on the cheap...or cheaper at any rate) to get his clothes to well as get Jonathan, his crew and his clothes, to Cantaranas.  This is...not exactly safe, but there was no good choice, as Jonathan's truck broke down trying to get home and...since we were on our way back from a brigade, Oscar was able to run to tow Jonathan back to the clinic campus, where Jose Luis picked him up.

Not exactly a planned vehicle expense, to fix Jonathan's Land Cruiser was almost $1, injection pump plus labor.  Yikes.

All that going on (and much more really...some of that coming in another post) plus the group at the same time. 

Hopping along indeed.



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