Thursday, July 31, 2014

Drug small example

People sometimes ask me about the drug trafficking problem here. 
Is it really that bad? 
Somebody has to make and transport all those drugs that people in the USA cannot seem to live without. 

This partially submersible vehicle was found because it had problems (makes them easier to find when it is aground.)  Pretty spiffy outfit really...six crew, plenty of room for whatever an illegal boat/sub might need to carry, a big ol' Cummins engine, and a nice blue color.  What more could one ask?  Made out of fiberglass in case you were wondering. 
They had a nice platform so you could see inside with the windows how things would be laid out (including fake bundles of "contraband"), and this plaque to explain how they found it, the size, etc. 

This is one sub...that they found.

Kind of like the several planes per year they find that have crashed.

How many are not crashing or having problems that are making their way daily back and forth? 

Quite impressive actually...if it were not destroying lives along the way and at both ends. 

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