Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kids update

How about an update on the kids?

Soren loves being...Soren.

He took a liking to these frames, and was even quite insistant we take this picture (with the tag...this is how we rock in Honduras.) 

His sense of humor is sharp, quick, and just really good. 

He is also becoming a tinkerer and inventor.

He takes apart clocks, nerf guns (including one at Church when we were practicing beforehand...quite a shock to a pastor to see heckling taken to a new level) and anything else he can find.

Goggles are great for wearing in the back of the truck (why has no one thought of that before with the wind?) but also for making a bottle man. 

Cecilia adopted another cat in May.  This very small and malnourished kitty wandered into the mission property...and when she fell for it and Valerie did as well...that was all she wrote.

Spock is now another member of the family and unofficially Cecilia's bunk mate.

Cecilia has been sharing her bedroom with interns for several months this year...maybe six?  She has handled it very well and has been good for her, stretched her, but she definitely has two cats wanting to share the space as well. 

The kids being off school this summer has made for several opportunities for them to be with and work with the groups that have been here, including a few nights getting to stay with the groups, learning some new games and having fun in the evenings.

Cecilia loves Euchre and has taken to it very well since learning over Holy Week...she gets very excited over different hands she wants to remember after the fact to see how she did...I found this picture on her camera.  Alas, no picture to let us know how it worked out. 

She also loves many different fingernail polish colors and textures. 

Cecilia continues to grow tremendously working with the groups translating and helping...and sometimes leading.  She has helped coordinate in the milk project, do house visits, hospital visits, paint (she loves to paint) and anything else she can do.   She really has a gift for language, translating...and telling people what to do.  That has been something we have seen since she was three. 

I asked her recently what she wants to study when she graduates...just gently probing for the future, and she said it does not matter, she just wants to do what I do.  I knew what she meant.

Soren is not always as excited for translating and such (unless football or other sports are involved) but has helped out a bit mixing some concrete and such as well. 

They have been of much help to us this summer, and it has been great to get to spend more time with them.  School quickly does a MK camp they are getting to attend a few hours North of here, they are excited for that, it will be cool to see what God does through that for them...they almost never get to hang out with "peers" like that.    

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