Saturday, September 13, 2014


The group from Journey CC left today, Valerie is overnight at a women's retreat a few hours North, and I find myself again with a hankering to do some blogging, something that has fallen to the wayside as of late, because something had to, and I sometimes I ask the question here, somewhat like Pink Floyd "Hello, is there anybody in here?"

I was going through pictures to share, found one of a definition of the title of this blog posting.  Pulchritude=beauty apparently.  I fail to remember how I stumbled upon the word...but I found the meaning ironic given the way the word comes across.

So, you could say I have a pulchritudinous life.  It is good, beautiful in fact, but if you just pronounce it out, it might not be seen as such. 

In August Valerie and I flew to the US, a trip required of us, but one we were glad to take as well...just probably would not have made the time had it not been a requirement.

As you can see...we flew out to LAX, did a few tourist things (you might catch a quick glimpse of us October 27th on CBS in the morning) but then made our way driving to Blessing Ranch in Colorado for a week of counseling. 

As you can see...Blessings Ranch is in a very picturesque part of Colorado (near Laramie WY)

We had time to talk some about how we work in the ministry, how we work in our marriage, and how we work/function as individuals. 

It was truly a blessing, one which will continue to bear fruit I think for quite some time. 

After the week there...we drove back just a bit to get to Sacramento CA to be able to visit Valerie's sister...the first time she has ever been able to visit her, and first time to see our new niece Noelle.   

It was a short time, but so good we were able to do that. 

We went down to San Francisco as well to fly out back home (which...ended up being much more of an adventure than we were seeking) to get to see Valerie's brother Darin and spend the day with him. 

Back in Honduras the work continues.  I love that whether we are here or not...God is working in His ministry.

Oscar sent a picture of the work on the Sunday School rooms in Cantaranas and the work they were doing there...this is putting up a new material we tested for the second floor/present roof.  Much cheaper than poured concrete or other methods that might not be as strong, it may be a solution for us in quite a few other areas as well in the future! 

The group here this week helped with the milk project building retaining walls.  It seems the retaining walls are taking a long time...but then, there is quite a bit to build. 

I do not think we will have the funds to get the fill needed and columns poured this year...maybe with groups next year we will be able to at least get eventually a floor down.

In bummer news...someone stole almost 100 of the blocks we had ready to set, as well as the scaffolding we were using. We had them there all summer while we were working, but the fence we have up around the milk project property is not as secure as the clinic fence.  Sigh.  Well, when we get the block walls up, we will not have to worry about that again.  Praying for those that stole from us, may God drive them to repentance in Him.    

 Soren had his birthday last week...and shares a birthday with Shaun, which is pretty cool!

We continue to keep Teto the welder busy. Often in the past when we have needed a welder, it has been hard to find someone available who is good. 

So, this summer we have had to bit the bullet and get many things done that we had been putting this new official sign on the gate for the clinic. 

It looks like we will be keeping him busy with other necessities for about another month at least.  

That sign exudes the word pulchritude, right?

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