Friday, September 4, 2015

Take a few steps

I ran my first marathon in Honduras in August.  Here they call just about every race a marathon, but this was the first I have seen that was a full 42KM (or 26.2 miles) in Tegucigalpa.  

 I had two weeks notice when I signed up (cost was a donation to the children with cancer area of the hospital for about $12) and one of those weeks we had a group.

Here you can see the massive crowding at the start line at 5:00AM...a total of about 25 or so people.  The bulk of the participants came later for a 5k, 10k, or 21k.  I had planned to run a full 21k, and then walk/run the other 21k.  Good thing I was prepared to walk, especially with very little preparation, and especially since there were no water stops for me after mile 18 (I was too slow, apparently the roughly six hours I was planning was not something they anticipated...or cared much about)  So I definitely walked the last six miles when I knew I could not get any water.  It was fun, and a real neat experience, the first time my family was able to see me cross the finish line, every other one in the US I was alone.

People have been marching peacefully against corruption every Friday afternoon/evening for several months now.  That people can unite to walk with torches protesting corruption overall in the government, without any screaming, masks, defacing public/government property, and in large numbers without offering payments, etc. is very impressive.

The White Ford turned over 150,000KM during the last group.  It has been such a blessing over the almost 10 years the mission has had it, and it has a few years left in it we hope.

150,000KM in the USA would not be much (about 95,000 miles) but those are much harder lived KM here for the frame, suspension...pretty much harder on everything but the engine I would suppose.

Anniversary service for the Cantaranas Church was in August.  People came from near and far, and some looked to be very into the services.

Cecilia and Soren got to go to MK (missionary kid) camp again this year, a good opportunity to spend some time with some kids like them.

Cecilia is wearing the first Real España jersey I bought 16 years ago here.


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