Saturday, September 5, 2015

Clinic progression

We are in the home stretch on the SFC construction, looking to finish that phase, move what needs to come up there from the first floor and start using it October 12th (to coincide with some national holidays where we would be close anyway to install the stairs and make some electrical changes, and then revamp the first floor as well for expanded general medical services)  
This has been several years in the making, with so many groups, local labor, and funding from the US to make it all possible...looking forward to seeing a two story clinic in operation very soon!
The opening will happen after I leave for the U.S., but the overall look is coming together already.  We went with the false ceiling in the end for heat issues, and cost related to finishing off the cosmetic issues we had with the exposed beams. looks so professional and is a clean look.  Seeing it go up, we are already happy we made that decision.  Hopefully more pictures to follow in the coming months!

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