Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Clinic update

So, great news this month...the second floor of the clinic is now open! It was a long time coming, with tons of work, but it is open for business.
Optometry, dentistry, and Darwin's office as well as the kitchen/break room all moved upstairs (leaving two rooms for future expansion) which freed up quite a bit of space downstairs for much needed extra space for general medicine and gynecology (no open rooms downstairs with the expansion!)  The waiting room upstairs has room for expansion as well, so far so good though to get started.  

Valerie in her new exam room.  We are working on outfitting the second exam room, very close.  That is anticipation of God calling another optometrist.  There is plenty of work to go around for sure.  
Estefany in her new exam room, with her dad Camilo still helping as well in the other room.  Moving dental equipment is harder with the water and air lines, but it all went well. 

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