Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Milk project update

Wanted to give everyone out there a quick update on the Milk Project, as we almost close out the year.  

It has been a year of transition, learning, growing, stretching...a pretty good year.  There is still quite a bit we could be doing better or more efficient, and ways we could be reaching the kids and their families better, but Rome was not built in a day as they say.  

Part of the ways we would like to see things continue to improve involve needing some more staff, adding more children (we have not found sponsors for the first 50 yet, still needing another 10 or so, plus 25 already on a waiting list that Maria is already visiting) and forging strategies to be a real physical long term help to them (food, education support, the library) and as well keep the spiritual and soul help (Bible classes, singing, play times, games, the library again, communication with sponsors, etc.)

Maria continues to lead everything related to the operations, cooking, teaching, cleaning, house visits...she is a busy lady.  She even helps some of the kids with more tutoring and such at her home in the evenings and on weekends.  Adding more staff would help her tremendously to do what she does better, and assign some tasks off rather than having to do them herself (cooking and cleaning to start)

Part of the reason we need sponsors is to be able to afford the staff we need to do things better.  

Maria has Alejandra helping her every day as well, doing the computer classes, helping translate letters from sponsors, other teaching/kid-wrangling, and all the other major computer work associated with trying to keep everything organized.

We are looking to potentially hire two more staff for next year, a full time cook (short term teams could help a little with that, we are hoping to offer a full time job to our cook we already use for those groups), and another teacher/translator/helper, especially as we want to get to where we can add the other 25 children, and their families, that are waiting for such an opportunity.  

Your prayers, sponsorships, and special one time gifts help us help so many children...and their families!  It is hard to fathom really the depth of the impact being made on them, for the Kingdom but as well as impacting their daily lives and homes when we have the flexibility to help them help themselves in what sometimes can seem small ways...but for them can have big impacts to what they can do long term for themselves.  

We are also hoping the coming year will bring more donations and groups to continue the construction on the new purpose built building for the Milk Project.  Unless God greatly surprises us this year, with how things have been coming in and going up, it will not likely be finished in 2016, but His timing is better than ours!  

If you are sponsoring a child already...thank you so much.  I unfairly get to see what your dollars do on a regular basis, it is very cool to see.  
If you are not yet sponsoring...pray about it, it is a great way to be directly connected to the ministry on an ongoing basis!

How can you sponsor?  We try to make it easy...just visit this link to sign up via PayPal, every month it will transfer the $30 sponsorship to the mission account.  

Milk Project Sponsor

Easy right?  How often is doing something so good that easy?

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