Friday, April 1, 2016

Pray together

We are still doing weekly devotionals together as a leadership.  Once a month when the pastors come, we do a devotion for all of us before they start their teaching, edification, etc. time.  The conference table was full today!

I am happy to see in that area the kitchen cabinets from my grandparent's home.  We had temporarily put them in the man cave for a while, but with that area being cleaned out and organized by Justin and Jorge, it was time to decide if they were going to be mine and go home (where we rent and I do not have space), or donate them once and for all to the mission.  I like their new home...letting go felt sad, but good.  Plus even after all these years when I open them...the smell puts me right back in grandma Esther's kitchen.

Last week I decided that when asking for prayer requests everyone was still a little too timid, so I started to just go around the room and ask everyone for their prayer requests...they have to give at least one.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  Here is the list to join us in prayer with the pastors also with us:
1.  Jonathan's wife Ana asked for prayers for her brother Saul, his health.
2.  Valerie asked for prayers for her memory
3.  Jose Luis' wife Gladis asked for health prayers for Jose Luis
4.  Jose Luis asked for Esly, a woman that came to Christ yesterday in the Church in Talanga, and for her daughter.  Her daughter is six years old and has had hydrocephalia since then, never got an operation.  For years Esly has been angry with God over her daughter's condition.
5.  Pastor Edwin is asking for prayers for getting an additional job to help financially support his family.
6.  Oscar asked for prayers for the leadership of the Tegucigalpa Church and for the Church itself.
7.  Maria asked for prayer for herself (she almost fainted the other day) and for her daughter Melisa that has recurring health issues from last year that they thought the treatment given had cured, but just found out it did not.
8.  Jonathan asked for prayers for his grandmother for her health and for a visa appointment she has with the US embassy coming up on April 11th
9.  Darwin asked for prayers for health for his grandmother Maria Felicita Ramona
10.Felipe asked for prayers that God would guide the changes in the mission
11.  And since pastor Henry was late in arriving...we asked on his behalf he would be punctual in the future.  

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