Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial day?

I had completely forgotten about memorial day until arriving back from Church today and seeing some race on ABC. Ah, yes, it is almost June. Ironic I can watch the Indy 500 on two different channels here in Honduras, but when I lived an hour from the race I had to listen on the radio (that is...when I actually wanted to be involved.)

Speaking of memorials, now is as good of time as any to talk about what to do when I die. You might find this a bit morbid, but I figured having this written down somewhere (there is a phrase that is rapidly becoming antiquated, like "dialing" a phone) would be helpful to Valerie (assuming I die and she is still alive) and anyone else that might have to take care of my corpse.

Why the talk of dead bodies? Well, I have heard second hand of two deaths in this last month where wishes and ideas came into conflict because it was not clear what the dearly departed wanted, or as happens in some cases, what is done regardless of what the dead person wanted if not everyone is clear on what "that" is. After all, they are dead, right? What do we care what they may have said? Hmmm, I probably should have left that last part out. I suppose ultimatley I won't care what you do, I will be with God (more on this later...something I learned not too long ago about this issue)

So, when I die, feel free to take my body wherever it is, and bury it in the nearest, cheapest place, in the cheapest way possible (be that pine box, masonite, etc.). If I die while visiting the USA, cremate me and dump the ashes wherever appropriate (fertilizer? I have been told I am full of "it" before). No sense in spending any more money on an empty shell than absolutely necessary. Feel free to have a funeral, as long as someone shares the gospel of Christ (death is scary perhaps, but not nearly as truly frightening as death without Christ).

We have wills in the US (after other painful lessons that friends had to go through...providing lessons to us at considerably less cost), so no worries on the other legal issues.

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Anonymous said...

Since God will give us resurrection bodies when we get to the New Heaven, my current body will be of no value to me either.