Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happenings as it were

Interesting little picture I saw posted at the gas station we were filling up at yesterday. I suppose jotting down the pertinent information about the people that just robbed you is important, I just wondered two things:
1. Would you remember to jot all this down after being shot at, etc.?
2. Why do the thieves only drive 1930's cars or a Ferrari Testarossa?

Anyway, the construction this week continues. The clinic saw expanded container entrance/parking area/road area poured. Not glamorous, but very cool nonetheless.
Today found us in San Juancito lending a hand to the construction efforts that have been ongoing there. The first footer was poured, and the work is to continue for the forseeable future on the building there (until we run out of funds that is). Hopefully some good progress will be made by then, and possibly more donations come in to continue the work.

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