Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sampedrana visit

Well, another successful visit to Sampedrana over the past two days.

We began with a normal clothing distribution, just done a bit differently.

We set up shop at the Church, using the two tarps we have left there for activities and protection for the shop, with the benches arranged on the back fo the concrete pads for containment and organization. Gender was able to put people in an orderly way via a list of families and names he had organized before we arrived, which helped quite a bit, especially since there were more people there than we anticipated.

With the longer clothing distribution (and some unexpected rain) we were only able to do preparation work on the construction project we were to begin. We will be building a warehouse/storage building/construction supply facility, and using a method for construction that requires quite a bit of instruction and explanation to Gender and the Hondurans there (as well as to us as we are new using the material as well, trying it out for possible use in building the new clinic).

(see our clothing ministry's support to the vehicle safety ministry here at right)

We began the work today and left much for them to do until we can get back with the next group to get the need materials for the next phase of the project, which will be putting the walls up, and eventually pouring the "roof" which will double as a second floor if need be.

And for those of you in the know, one of the very ill children in Valerie's ravine project was finally taken to the hospital yesterday by the parents (with the prodding and help of several volunteers and one willing to go with them to the hospital). Upon arriving, her "little" sister was also admitted due to illness. Valerie had brought the older sister (three years old...not walking, looking more like a one year old) to the clinic several days last week trying to get her hydrated, fed, and cleaned up, but to no lasting avail. Darwin stopped by yesterday and said they were doing better. Pray for them, and for their family situation which is in need of more repair than just getting these two girls temporarily healthier.

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