Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Upon these walls

Well, yesterday was my once a year splurge into pizzas. As you can see, we purchased quite a few pizzas (a special prize to you if you can count them all), and then had a few in the parking lot as we watched a movie in the back of the Musso (cheap date night), and we plan to give away a few and otherwise feast on pizza for our meals until they are gone. Valerie will soon be leary, but the kids and I won't tire soon of them.

In the midst of running around today getting the Ford from one shop and taking the Defender to another, we happened to buy supplies for construction with the upcoming group. So, I got some good pictures of the newest (at least to us) method for construction, the "electro panel". Seen here in these riveting pictures, the materials snap together somewhat like a big fancy and not as much fun lego set, then have the concrete stucco applied later via a pressurized sprayer to get the end result...a pretty tough wall (at seems pretty sturdy when I slam into it repeatidly to see if I could break it).

This material is easy enough to install that we could probably do it with groups. So the idea is to test this out building a warehouse in Sampedrana and seeing how well it holds up to what we need it for. If all goes well, we would end up building the new clinic out of the same material. Looks pretty interesting eh? We are hoping to get to visit some homes built out of the same stuff sometime soon via some architects that buy from the wholesaler as well.

The Ford is fine for now, but I got to crawl on the ground to look for some seriel numbers on the ever so necessary starter motor to buy a new one on eBay. It seems that we will need one soon, and getting one here is only going to happen through the Ford dealer, and that means if you can even get one, the cost would be...rather high. eBay done, and a new starter purchased for $115 (much cheaper than anywhere else I had the great fortune of looking).

One other item of note. Wal-Mart is making a huge push here, at least in Tegucigalpa. Their brand of service, etc. in the stores they already own, and more of their big style stores are being built. Among their posessions is a a supermarket chain called Paiz, and I saw this last night, basically promoting the "new"brand here in Honduras in products "you always use with a better price." Valerie and I chuckled to ourselves, but it is a very slick advertising for what is commonly known in the US as Wal-Mart's generic brand and trying to place it in a higher level here.

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