Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wait, and wait some more

Well, I have decided I need to find something better to do when I am waiting all the time.

Today was waiting at the airport. I wait at the airport quite a bit, especially lately with groups, lost baggage, etc.

I met a Presbyterian yesterday at the airport. I did not know there were over 20 such Churches here in Honduras. Getting to know him a little better and talk "shop" was a good way to spend some waiting time.

I met a girl that works in the information booth two days ago that asked me about my CIY shirt and led to a brief conversation about Christianity being a religion like Catholicism, what it means to be a "fanatic" for Jesus, and more. Also a good way to spend time waiting.

I met a guy from Texas working for CAM today while waiting for baggage for a couple hours (no dice). Interesting chat, and he even owned a 1998 SsangYong Musso, so I know he must be a good guy.

Plus, today Soren had to go with me, so he got to watch a couple planes land, see many bags "mor bas dada?" "re ba, blu ba, greeen ba, jello ba" we practiced colors in both languages, also a good way to spend some time waiting.

Sometimes waiting is just an opportunity to do something else. If only I could figure that out more often, as, it would seem I have many such possibilities.

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