Sunday, July 22, 2007

Time for everything

Yesterday we went with the group to Cofradilla for a clothing distribution (impromptu...we called them this past week to set it up after another site fell through) and it was just enough for us to handle. We were done in time for lunch, and then to head back into town to try to get the two missing bags from the day prior. No dice. "Try back tomorrow." Ah, instilling all sorts of confidence.

We returned to the mission house to find that someone had scaled the part of the fence between the garage and the mission house and had broken the PVC water line. Part of an attempt to break into the garage, boredom related vandelism, or trying to take our electrical lines (to sell for scrap), take your pick. Yet another demonstration though of how we need to move forward on the fence project (this is the third time the water line has been cut or broken).

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