Friday, July 20, 2007

Unforseen opportunities

Wow, I am hopeful for the group that arrived today. Why?

Yesterday I was driving home and felt a need to spend some time with God (how noble!). Then I noticed my mind was wandering (how human!). This happened for a few miles, then I heard the freshly fixed Ford make a rather weird, odd, loudish noise, then the battery light lit, and I noticed I no longer had power steering...or power brakes...or AC. "Hmmmm" I thought..."perhaps this is a problem." I was correct. At least it was not a major problem.

Then Oscar said his Ford was also needing repairs that would not be completed on time.

And the Defender was in getting the AC relay replaced (and they were quick to add that routine maintanence was needed...."do you drive on dirty, muddy, dusty roads like all the time?" Me: "What? Never!"

The list goes on...but not too long. God is good, even in those circumstances, and the blue Ford was fixed by today, at least for now. The White one to be picked up tomorrow (fast to fix, and fast to spend on parts to fix), and the Defender survived the AC repair. Whew.

Oh ,and I did have time to pray and talk to God while I waited for the guys from the shop to show up and take a look at the it was all worth it. Believe it......or not!

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