Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cheese it

I have been busy with the group, most of whom departed for the US today (Soren joined me at the airport via his private driver and when I asked if he wanted to return with them, he replied; "no, me wanta go in the white truck!"). Here are a few interesting pictures and explanations over those days.

The local grocery store apparantly identifies the best the USA has to offer for its display (and accompanying promotional efforts in the store) as Boone's Farm "wine", Hi-top (generic) saltines, and assorted cheeses (very generic). After all, is it not that which makes the USA
great? Hmmm, I hope not.

These poor nfortunate balloon head children were still able to eek out a smile for the camera. Apparantly the one on the right (called her Deana Troi here for her protection) was holding her breath, while the child on the left (we will call him Worf) is suffering from jaundice and only having one ear.

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Future Mr. & Mrs. said...

Hi there, Colbys! So cool to see what you've been up to...Nice blood, Trevor...

I've got a blog too...not nearly as exciting (or bloody) as yours...but you are welcome to check it out.

Miss you!