Friday, September 14, 2007

Pan de Vida

Well, last night's regular Thursday night service was not so regular.

It was not held with a Church, but not in a Church, if you get my drift.

Last night was the inaugaration of the bakery Pan de Vida (Bread of Life). Brought about by a very generous donation abroad, the Church now owns a building, has the machinery necessary, and the ingrediants needed, to run a bakery.

The service was short but very positive and well done, giving the thanks squarely where they belong, to God, and in prayer for this venture. This venture also being defined in its purpose: to provide jobs for Church members, to provide a top quality product to consumers, and to pass profits back to the Church for the growth of the ministry.

Oscar and I went together (his truck left at my place) as we came back from delivering sand to Sampedrana (why, you ask? Long story sand in Sampedrana and work yet to be done!). During the service we were recognized for our efforts in whatever we might o rmight not have done, which was nice but certainly not necessary and presented one of the special bread loaves made for the leaders of the Church. It was....delightfully delicious. I mean, it was delictable and full of doughy goodness. I also had a cookie that was out for sampling, which was also very good. So when I go back to buy more, it will of course be to support the ministry, with no personal motive as you can well imagine.

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