Monday, September 10, 2007

Soren and his big day

Well, the 8th came and went, and Soren was happy it was his birthday. Well, he was pleased I guess would be a better choice of words.

The humurous thing was he was to go to another birthday party thrown by our former neighbors on Thursday. On arriving back at the house I heard that the piñata did not interest him, and that for the most part he just entertained himself. When I asked him before he left about you want to go? No. Do you want candy? No. Do you want hamburgers and french fries (the party was a big shin dig at McDonald's)? No. What do you want? Pizza!

So we had no big shin dig, just a pizza for supper, and cake. He does like cake...and his gifts from the grandparents.

Unfortunately he has been a little sick. He woke up in the middle of the night, which when combined with no nursery service at Church (all the teachers and bigger kids like Cecilia's age up to teenagers went to Picacho for kid's day celebration) made for a sleepy boy.

But he does know he is now three, not two, which is quite a revelation for him.

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