Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, we are here. Whew!

So, we get to Miami, and Paige calls someone, and I see her phone, so I say, hey, can I call my Dad, just for fun? Sure, no problem. She is cingular, so no charge. Godincidence #1.

I forget my Ipod battery extender on the airplane in Indianapolis. I have to wait while they get it for me off the plane. Godincidence #2

Paige then calls dad as we are getting ready to leave, her battery is dead. Good thing we had not left...or she would have had a hard time getting a jump at 12:30 at night! We got home and in bed by 2:15. Up late next morning (8:30 or so) to get ready, organized and eat with Granpda Phil for lunch, make a quick supply run, and back to the house for work to get things ready for this trip. Which coincidently starts tomorrow on a big run as we head up to Granger (near South Bend), then back late tomorrow night, up in the morning to FAME, then to Cincinnati, and not back here until late Sunday night after a meeting in Indianapolis. Monday "off" for errand running, then off again to Texas for four days.

I better get busy!

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