Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quite the weekend adventures

This weekend certainly brought familiarity as well as a few suprises. We visited in Granger with Harris Prairie on Friday night (note to self....get RainX applied now on the Sable!) at a restaurant (Oscar: "what is country fried steak?")and then turned around early Saturday to head down to FAME for some training on CHE, which was most appreciated and interesting. After that I introduced Oscar to the wonders of a Saturday afternoon outlet mall, the bargains...or rather the non-bargains as it was that day, as we headed to Cincinnati for the missions fair weekend at Lakota, which was very encouraging, in terms of renewing friendships, meeting new people, and seeing group members of the past and their families. Oscar introduction #14? me..."this is an ice scrapper...learn how to use it."

After leaving Lakota, we thought we had a meeting in Indianapolis at 6:00 (it turned out we were mistaken.) Since we had a little more than a hour free, I decided to show Oscar downtown Indianapolis...confident that it would be empty on a Sunday afternoon. How surprised were we when the circle was full of several thousand people? We parked, and started to explore, only to find an attempt to get the world record for most people dribbling a basketball at once. As the event was 1. free, and 2. providing a free T-shirt and basketball, we decided it a worthy effort and pitched in to help, which offered Oscar several interesting opportunities otherwise not afforded to normal visitors...walking down the streets of downtown dribbling a basketball, Pacer players around, the Pacers mascot on top of a big fire truck, and the ability to explore Conseco fieldhouse for free, oh, and the deafening noise of all those basketballs dribbling.

A visit to the ever authentic Pepe's restaurant for supper wrapped up our Sunday. Now Oscar can say he has tried Quesadillas and chicken wings.

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