Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hey, long time no type eh? I guess you can gather we have been rather busy.

I will be brief. First up was our trip to Houston TX. That was very interesting on so many fronts, I definitely do not have time to sum them all up here, but it definitely was interesting and hopefully long term fruitful for the Kingdom. We spent almost four days there. One plus that I definitely noticed on a daily basis...the weather was great for just about anything. Visiting FCO at the Univeristy of Houston, seeing the Aquarium downtown, touring the local eateries (Oscar had a bison burger among other things), spending time with group members from this summer, and an evening soire that exposed us in many ways to different things (chocolate fountain? Belguim endive? semi-raw fish?, and more!)

After we got back from there, we made our first drop off to FAME (cereal...big surprise eh?) and then this past weekend visiting a new Church (for us...actually they have been a body for quite some time) in the Bloomington area.

This week is a little more time around the base of operations, running errands and looking for what we need to buy for the container. Oscar is quite taken with shopping at the pawn shop. We will see what happens there.

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